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Client: Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc.

Initial Assessment: 

Betadine, Chloroprep stains and tore open/ripped open seams.  Floors required continual maintenance to remain sanitary and in acceptable shape.  The maintenance/repair costs and aesthetics became too burdensome in this relatively newly built hospital.


Replace with maintenance free operating room grade floor system that is stain resistant that will not have to be replaced for 25 years.

Solution:  Surgitec Floor System:  Shown (STPQ25-28) Turquoise.   Note the comments from the Facility Director:



"Surgitec has done an amazing job installing special medical grade flooring here at Fort Defiance Indian Hospital operating room area. Our floors had linoleum which had to be replaced every week because it would have tears and stains. We will no longer have that problem anymore because Surgitec is the answer to this problem. The final floor finish came out GREAT and all the employees especially the surgeons and operating room staff liked the look and its durability. More importantly the maintenance staff are impressed of the maintenance free flooring. I give two thumbs up to the Surgitec Crew. Thanks Guys! We are Happy and Excited about the new floor. I will see you all soon for future projects."

Zac Bitsuie
Facilities Engineer, Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc.
P.O. Box 649, Highway 12 & 7
Fort Defiance, AZ 86504

SurgiTec Floors is "The Last Floor You Will Ever Need."


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