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About Surgitec Floor Systems

SurgiTec Flooring Systems is a coating concentrated company. A Division of the Palmer Companies with 80+ years experience in in industrial engineering, applications, training,coatings & materials industry.  NACE, SSPC, OSHA & other certifications.. Surgitec Floor Systems consists of dedicated experts providing flooring solutions for highly specialized markets in the health care industry. SurgiTec’s national team of professionals can offer complete solutions for all surgical and health care flooring systems. Hospitals, surgical centers, and all health care facilities concerned with safe, bacteria resistant flooring systems will benefit from a SurgiTec evaluation.

Surgitec Floor Systems Today:

SurgiTec has solved this issue in major hospitals, and will look to solve the problem in hospitals unaware of their current threat of bacteria invasion.Wash Downs do not solve the problem they increase it. SurgiTec and the Palmer Group of Companies have provided materials, workmanship and solutions to thousands of facilities throughout the country. Our total quality management focus will ensure that your project is centered on the best solution for your environment. No shortcuts are ever taken; after all,it is about results. And that is what we provide solution based results to protect your patients, personnel and facility.

"SurgiTec offers all hospitals, surgical centers and health care facilites a Free Floor Evaluation, Please take a moment  to Read About Common Surgical Floor Problems"


David Palmer

-Surgitec Floor Systems

The Beginning of Surgitec Floor Systems:

The Palmer Companies started in the coatings industry in 1926.  Ever seeking solutions to customer problems created areas of both products and construction concentration for the Company.  SurgiTec's origin was never to create a company simply to sell a product.  Rather, Company President, David Palmer, was called into a renowned world class Medical University in NJ to investigate a problem.  “Rust on the ceiling” was creating an unusual and difficult problem for the OR staff and hospital’s engineers. Palmer and his team of experts discovered after much testing and research the rust was actually aerated Betadine. As a result of the cleaning procedure, the cleaning actually kicked up and made the biological matter, Betadine, and a host of other contaminants airborne.  The contaminants next attached itself to dust particles of which were attracted to the static charge found on the metal drop ceiling bars.  Thus, everyone in the operating room including patient and staff were at risk.  The solution: SurgiTec Floors, the last floor you will ever need.

David Palmer
Founder and Principal

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