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SurgiTec Medical Grade Flooring is up to five times stronger than concrete alone. SurgiTec is a combination of Colored Quartz Aggregate fused together during application into a seamless surface, with specially formulated, high quality, clear, 100% solids, anti-microbial reinforced, Polymeric Epoxy/Urethane formulation. SurgiTec flooring will protect a new floor from industrial abuse and harsh chemical spillage, and will restore the old floor to a better than new condition. It is available in three different textures: standard non-skid, orange peel and smooth.


                Excellent Clarity
                Low Odor
                Meets USDA, FDA, OSHA, GREEN standards
                Superior Adhesion
                Superior Chemical Resistant
                Easy Maintenance


Chemical Resistant:

This product is resistant to many common chemicals use in surgical and medical applications. Please refer to the Master Chemical Resistant Chart for actual resistance to specific chemicals and reagents.




This product is considered a low maintenance flooring solution; however, certain textures and service environments require specific procedures. Please refer to SurgiTec representative for more information. Read Common Floor Problems

Technical Information

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